The Juniper Connection

The Juniper Connection

Over the last twelve months or so I’ve been collecting information about the rather strange appearance of juniper plants in connection with bigfoot and sudden appearances/disappearances. It sounds bizarre – and it is – but that plant just keeps on cropping up like some kind of paranormal stalker.

Is it similar to the indicator plants which are used by prospectors to locate gold, silver, copper, zinc, cobalt and uranium? This has been known about since 1556 and is a well established component of prospecting. Modern science has created a special discipline to deal with these early observations. Geobotany is defined as the study of plants as related to their geological environment. It studies the spatial distribution of plants and the characteristics of vegetation as related to geology.  Does juniper indicate the presence of something paranormal?

The secret of some plants getting to live where others couldn’t adapt lies in the scientifically term of hyper accumulation, which describes the capacity developed by some of them to tolerate and accumulate high concentrations of heavy metals. Studies suggest that the high accumulation of toxic elements in their tissue could be a defensive mechanism against herbivores or pathogens.

An impressive list of plants that live and thrive on heavy metal soils has been compiled by R.R. Brooks in his 1998 book Plants that Hyperaccumulate Heavy Metals.

The research about missing people is still in progress but the data collated so far is too weird to keep to myself. Keep reading and let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts.

Some examples of juniper appearing in context with strangeness –


In summer of either 2000 or 2001 John Bohannon witnessed a creature he called Bigfoot on a small ridge next to a hill located just west of the Three Rivers Campground, and lies north of Alamogordo, NM (west of Ruidoso on the west side of the mountain). During daylight hours John was traveling east on the dirt road in his truck when he glanced over to his right and noticed a tall hairy ape-like creature walking in the same direction as he was driving. It was taller than the cholla cacti nearby (estimated by John to be at least 8′ tall) and it looked toward John as it kept walking. It’s arms hung longer than it’s knees, and had short brown hair with a reddish tinge all over it’s body. The only long hair was underneath it’s forearms, and the shortest hair was at it’s lower back/buttocks area. With knees slightly bent, but otherwise standing upright, the long-striding creature kept walking eastward, still staring at John, for approximately 100′ until it seemed to vanish into thin air. A juniper tree was near where the Bigfoot creature disappeared but the creature did not appear to walk behind it. Because of this strange aspect John thought it must’ve walked into an invisible wall of some kind, but was unsure of just what happened (portal or some sort of camouflage?). Source

In an episode of Finding Bigfoot Matt Moneymaker conducts a solo expedition in Utah and finds a deer carcass underneath a juniper tree. Source : Finding Bigfoot, SE02/E10 ‘Holy Cow, It’s Bigfoot’ around 38 minutes in (depending on your broadcasters advert breaks). Text of the episode available here.

A BFRO report from 1924 where a prospector claims to have been kidnapped by a family of Bigfoot. He states that “…the boy and the girl (of the family group) were always watching me from behind some juniper bush.” BFRO report reference #1091 Source

Another BFRO report mentions bigfoot appearing from and disappearing behind a juniper tree – “…About 20 yards from the truck I saw something walk out from behind a Juniper tree that is located on the west side of the dirt road. Right when it stepped out into the lights of the truck, it hesitated and it looked towards me,I stopped the truck at that moment. It then started to walk faster, picked up it’s stride a little more. It took about 4 steps walking across that road, it did not cross the road in a straight manner, it crossed at an angle on the road and walked behind another Juniper tree that is located on the East side of the dirt road.” BFRO report reference #10266 Source

A report from 1977 in which two boys were out scrambling on dirt bikes in the Mojave Desert, California when one of them encountered”…a huge white/grey creature that appeared from behind a Juniper bush and screamed at him…” Source

A report from 2013 where a lady thought a bigfoot was watching her through a window so “I opened the window and shined the flashlight toward this large juniper bush. I could see something squatted down behind it trying to peer out.”Source

Quote from a book Bigfoot Still Lives In Idaho “I came down over the ridge and saw this Bigfoot, standing in a Juniper tree, scratching his back.” Source 1 Source 2

Another Finding Bigfoot episode (SE05E01 ‘Bigfoot Call of the Wild Man’) where a witness claims to have seen a bigfoot crouching down behind a juniper bush in her garden. About 30 minutes in, depending upon breaks. Source. Youtube clip.

A bigfoot report from 2001 in Oregon “…The area has sagebrush and dry land, a small Juniper Tree about 7 feet tall…(the bigfoot) was about 7 feet tall and dark in color.  He was trying to hide behind the tree, my son got scared and started running for home and the creature also got scared and went away.” Source

A bigfoot report from 1997 in Phelan, California. “Steve was VERY upset and crying and going on about a huge white/grey creature that appeared from behind a Juniper bush and screamed at him as he had stopped to take a pee break.” Source

A BFRO report from 2000 “A Chubbuck woman reported several years ago she saw a big, hulking hairy ape. Later she saw three sets of 16 to 17-inch-long footprints in the snow, and her juniper tree was stripped of berries up to 10 feet (3 meters) off the ground.” Source

It’s not just bigfoot either. Missing people and humanoids seem to be connected with juniper also.

In 1995 couple of women in Arizona had a friend who “…saw a small humanoid in a brown suit dash across the field near the juniper tree. The dogs gave chase, barking and running after the entity. As it neared the fence line, it seemed to vanish into thin air.” Later in the article they discuss a photograph taken near the juniper tree “I kept asking Linda details about the photograph of the window or gateway taken near the juniper tree. She had only seen a bright rectangle of light, yet the developed photo looks like a window into another world.”  Source Picture of the ‘portal’

A dogman sighting in a juniper tree. “We crossed onto Stacey Rd, going between 30 and 35 mph, and just after the first bend near a juniper tree, I saw something in my headlights, squatting/sitting in the ditch by the juniper. It was bigger than a man, and was covered with fur from head to toe, with a definite dog shaped head and large ears.” Source

On July 30, 2016 search teams from Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue were conducting a follow up search for 70 year-old Linda Schleizer in the Juniperwood Ranches area. At approximately 9:00 am, one of the search teams located the deceased body of Ms. Schleizer. The team called Coconino County Sheriff’s Office to respond to the scene. The body of Ms. Schleizer was located approximately ¾ miles to the east of the residence under a juniper tree in a shallow wash area. Source

A dead body was found by hikers ascending out of the central canyon on the west side of Hotel Mesa. The decedent was laying on a decaying foam pad under a juniper tree. Source

And paranormal activity including humanoid figures and spiritual energy (!).

“A quotation from a book entitled Dimensional Journey: Encounters and Teachings -“My furry friends ran up to greet me, and we gathered next to the house when the huge juniper tree grew. Much paranormal activity had taken place by this tree, which was one of my favorite things on the ranch” Later in the book it reads “Tom and I were out photographing. As I found myself near the especially large juniper tree that grew right by our ranch house, I sensed someone very tall standing next to me.” The book contains several juniper references. Source

“Hi everyone, This really blew my mind. I recently vacationed in Sedona (June 19-23, 2008) and visited several vortexes there. One in particular was amazing…Boynton Canyon. While at the Boynton Canyon vortex on the summer solstice, I felt a strong presence there and it made my hair stand on end. I took several pictures of the juniper trees at this vortex and discovered something very unusual when I got back to my hotel room to download the pictures… I captured spirits in some of my pictures…” Source (unfortunately old MySpace is now dead and the full blog has disappeared)

The question must be – Does juniper indicate the presence of something which would explain the appearance and disappearance of entities/paranormal activities in the same way that horsetail indicates the presence of gold bearing strata? Juniper is known to be a known uranium concentrator as the plant roots carry uranium to the surface, where it is concentrated in growing areas of the plant and can be detected by radiation detecting equipment.

There are a couple of questions which immediately spring to mind.

1. Does juniper prefer to grow in areas predisposed to paranormal activity maybe caused by EMF?

2. Or were the trees planted by someone in the past as a marker of paranormal activity? If so, why juniper and does any other plant have the same connection?


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