Some thoughts regarding the Calvine UFO incident

I did some size comparisons and with some brave assumptions (…) and not knowing the focal length of the camera, the object is max 195ft long. So, assuming the Harrier is engaging with the object and assuming it’s banking to port (left) circling around the object then this marks an outer limit and gives the…
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The Meadow Project – Explorations Into The South’s Skinwalker Ranch

A potentially interesting read given the popularity of Skinwalker Ranch (SWR) – the daddy of wierd places. However it just doesn’t come across as wierd enough. The first 20 odd pages are about geocaching which is where the author first came across this site but it’s too much background and comes across as out of…
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Brancaster walk with bonus boat fire

A little photo credit on a busy Brancaster walk.

Brancaster Circular 140620

Misty meanderings midst majestic marshy mammals, or, A walk across the mud near some cows.

LightQuest: Your Guide to Seeing and Interacting with UFOs, Mystery Lights and Plasma Intelligences

Probably one of the most important books to read about the UFO phenomenon. It’s not an ETH flag-waver but builds on the earlier work of John Keel and Jacques Vallee in focusing on the ultraterrestrial aspects and explanation of UAP events. It’s one of the core books I recommend to people wanting to learn more…
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Great Massingham and back 090520

An ill-planned 8.2 mile walk in tremendous heat along a road with no footpath to a shop which was too busy to get in to buy something I didn’t need or have the cash with me to buy. Great planning there boi.

Operation Trojan Horse

 A new print of an old book that I’ve been looking forward to reading again after my first attempt back in the early 90’s.  When compared with the sensationalist UFO claptrap that is published these days Keel makes a sober, convincing argument for the presence of something other than off-world, flesh-and-blood beings. It might…
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The Brimstone Deceit

Another excellent book by Joshua Cutchin which explores the various odours, smells and miasmas which often accompany paranormal events and cryptozoological creatures like Sasquatch. This book goes in to great detail back to the 1800’s and across the world. As always, it’s excruciatingly detailed with 100 pages of referencesand notes. We’ve come to expect nothing…
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The Juniper Connection – part two

Thanks to the many people who have contacted me about this blog post and especially to Joshua Cutchin who mentioned on his Twitter feed. This seems to have kickstarted the recent flurry of emails to me about this interesting and baffling subject. I’ve not been idle since the first article and this new posting contains some…
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Into Thin Air: People Who Disappear

An old book, my copy is dated 1979, and as such doesn’t cover the recent missing persons cases but still details a few interesting cases. My biggest issue with this book is that many of the cases are skimmed over and some are just anecdotes without any searchable or verfiable information.  It seems like a…
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