Some thoughts regarding the Calvine UFO incident

Some thoughts regarding the Calvine UFO incident

I did some size comparisons and with some brave assumptions (…) and not knowing the focal length of the camera, the object is max 195ft long.

So, assuming the Harrier is engaging with the object and assuming it’s banking to port (left) circling around the object then this marks an outer limit and gives the maximum length of the object as 195ft or 4.25 Harrier lengths.

This makes it much larger than most UFO’s sighted and larger than any supposed military aircraft at the time. The B-52 bomber is only 159ft long by comparison although the largest military plane then and today is the C-5 Galaxy at 247ft.

A Harrier is around 46ft long. It may not have been a Harrier though as some people have said it might be a Hawker Hunter. If so, it doesn’t change anything as it’s the same length. The wing swoop appears to show a Hunter though.

However, the jet is blurred and the object is clearer suggesting it’s closer which makes it shorter. The barbed wire and wool caught on it are not blurry so it’s probably closer to the fence than it is the jet.

Might it be an island in a nearby loch? Unlikely as there isn’t a loch on the Calvine side of Tay Forest and the island in the nearest loch – Loch Errochty – is 65ft maximum.

For comparison other suspects for the object are from 65ft to 107ft:

F-117 Nighthawk : 65ft
B2 bomber : 69ft
Blackbird : 107ft

In summary it’s either a huge UFO the size of which is rarely seen or a much smaller object, real or faked, nearer the camera. I’m going with real object but not a spaceship. If anything it’s more than likely to be some kind of black project which maybe got cancelled or morphed in to another project.

Link to the National Archives FOI request.

A reworked version of the Calvine UFO photograph imagining how it might have looked. In this the plane looks much more like a Harrier:

Reworked Calvine UFO photograph

Reworked Calvine UFO photograph

The shape of the craft is reminiscent of the craft, but on its side, in the Cash-Landrum incident.


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