The Intention Experiment

The Intention Experiment

The basic premise of this book is that thoughts have power. The power to heal, the power to change and the power to project. Unfeasible? Maybe, but unlike you Lynne McTaggart has done extensive research in to the power of thought and the results are intriguing to say the least (if you leave out the bit about homeopathy anyway).

The book was part of a global experiment to determine how far this thought-power goes and how its effects can be measured. I didn’t partake but many thousands of people did and the results are interesting and suggest that what we think of as our reality is connected in more ways than we can see. There were various experiments to increase the germination rate of seeds, change photon emissions from water and plants, changing the molecular structure of water and a fairly ambitious one involving world peace.

It all sounds a little woo-woo but these are genuine, peer reviewed, crowdsourced scientific experiments on the nature of consciousness and it’s effect on the physical matter of the universe. Quantum Physics high-street style, if you like.

The mechanics of it are that we live in a giant electromagnetic (EM from now on) soup made up of the natural EM fields from the earth, our own EM fields and those caused by other living organisms. We interact with this soup, and therefore everything else, all of the time but our potential is increased in groups or when multiple people focus their thoughts. These intentions can be positive, negative or just noise and how we think affects the world around us and how others perceive us.  If you’ve read through this website then you will have noticed my interest in EM fields and how they could be responsible for many supposed paranormal effects.

Ever been in a room when someone walks in and you get ‘that feeling’? There it is at work.  McTaggart also claims that our minds affect our surroundings even when we are not conciously sending intention so be careful what you are thinking.

We all use some level of intent everyday whether we realise it or not. People pray, people wish for things and people hope. In some small way all of these count but could count more when performed in concert and with a specific focus. Can you wish to win the lottery? Apparently not. It only works with systems subject to quantum influence like organisms (people, plants, animals) and natural systems subject to the EM soup previously mentioned.

A good book, bound to irritate some people and amaze others but worth adding to any fortean library.

Oh and homeopathy? It’s still sugar and water no matter what Lynne McTaggart says.



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